16 Hoops

Stop tinkering.

Expert Strategy & Design for Portrait Photographers.



16 Hoops

Strategic, results based design that will take your photography business to the next level.

  • Positioning: Unearth your unique expertise and own that in your market
  • Marketing: Targeted messaging & advertising strategies that will have perfect clients banging down your door 
  • Branding: Re-imagine or re-invent current branding - this goes way beyond a logo
  • Systems: The secret key to every amazing business success is it's proprietary ecosystem
  • Website: a new modern website that is landing business for you 24/7 rather than just sitting pretty
  • Copywriting: laser focused copy that will set you and your business worlds apart

We work with a small handful of other creative fields on a case by case basis.
Give us a holler if you too want to stop tinkering.

Born in Maine  |  a division of geneve hoffman photography