Are you ready for your busiest year ever?


Ditch the DIY, and transform your photography business with expert strategy, branding & design


16 Hoops: Strategy, branding & design for pro photographers who want to stand out.

We go where no business coaches dare: way beyond motivational talks, DIY tips, and seminars.


Together, we will be...

  • Unearthing your unique expertise and confidently own your market niche.
  • Pinning down targeted digital messaging & advertising strategies that will have perfect clients banging down your door all year round.
  • Re-imagining or re-inventing your branding (this goes way beyond a logo).
  • Learning the secret key to the success of every business you admire (Hint: it has to do with it's proprietary ecosystem).
  • Putting your new, modern website to work landing business for you 24/7 (instead of just sitting pretty).
  • Creating laser-focused copy that speaks directly to your perfect clients and convinces them to choose you over anyone else.

Turn your photography business into the one you deserve, instead of the one you work for.


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