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Business Planning & Design for Photographers

This is our signature service here at 16 Hoops. We get to the heart of who you are as a photographer, and then build a viable, unique,  and profitable BRAND around it. It's a mix of productive talk, and then a healthy dose of design & action. Together, let's build the business you knew was always inside of you.


Business Planning & Design For Photographers Includes:


1. RoadMap

 Where are you now? Where do you want to go? 


2. Business Plan

We will work to match your plan to your map. Results in a  written Brand Guide.


3. Design

This phase includes a new logo, palette, and tagline + a 5 page new website. 


4. Launch

Be confident knowing you have a brand plan and all the tools to launch.



 Expert Brand Plan 

√ New Website

New Logo & Brand Guide

Copywriting for website & messaging

12 month detailed marketing plan

  Design upgrades available - inquire

9-12 weeks from start to launch day
Visit our Brand Plan FAQ section→

When I first met with Geneve about making some changes I don’t really think I quite knew the journey I was about to take. I think those can be the best kinds of travels. I knew I wanted to make changes. Geneve saw an opportunity to give me something amazing. She knew what she could do for me long before I saw it. 
— Jen Dean of Jen Dean Photography

A few of our successful Brand Plan participants