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Business Planning & Design for Photographers

This is our signature service here at 16 Hoops. We get to the heart of who you are as a photographer, and then build a viable, unique,  and profitable BRAND around it. It's a mix of productive talk, and then a healthy dose of design & action. Together, let's build the business you knew was always inside of you.


Business Planning & Design For Photographers Includes:


1. RoadMap

First step is always our exclusive 3 week RoadMapping. Where are you now? Where do you want to go? Who is your ideal client and how do connect with them? What small and large changes could be made for maximum impact? These are just a few of the transformative concepts we will uncover in this brand exploration.


2. Business Plan

 Now that we have the destination in mind, what does that look and feel like for your ideal client? We will look at your current brand, pricing structure, client systems, messaging, imagery, copy and work to make improvements in the overall experience. Results in a  written Brand Guide.


3. Design

This is the fun part. We take the RoadMap and Brand Guide and you work closely with our 3 person design & website team to create a new brand that is all your own. This phase includes a new logo, palette, and tagline + a 5 page new website. Exciting things are about to happen for you and your business.


4. Launch

Time to put it all into action and substantially grow your photo business. We help you create a detailed 12 month marketing plan that is customized to your goals & lifestyle, your market, and your ideal client. Stand out from the pack and be confident knowing you have a brand plan and all the tools needed.



 Expert Brand Plan 

√ New Website

New Logo & Brand Guide

Copywriting for website & messaging

12 month detailed marketing plan

  Design upgrades available - inquire

9-12 weeks from start to launch day
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When I first met with Geneve about making some changes I don’t really think I quite knew the journey I was about to take. I think those can be the best kinds of travels. I knew I wanted to make changes. Geneve saw an opportunity to give me something amazing. She knew what she could do for me long before I saw it. 
— Jen Dean of Jen Dean Photography

A few of our successful Brand Plan participants