Don't take our word for it.
Hear what some (darn good looking) past clients have to say after working with 16 Hoops.



I seriously cannot believe how Geneve and the design team at 16 Hoops were able to take my ideas about family, motherhood, all my favorite colors and ideas and help me turn them into this expression of my work. I’m thrilled! Read Casey's Hoops journey here.



The process has been both directed and organic (with 16 Hoops). They truly listened to what I wanted. They designed around my dreams, portraits and words - not their own. What I have now is an extension of myself. Read Jen's Hoops Journey here.



Simplify, simplify, simplify. Profit, Profit, Profit. There are a couple of the ‘keys’ to this and Geneve & 16 Hoops has them! Working with 16 Hoops was a decision I made reluctantly but wish I had made it sooner. Jillian did Roadmapping with us.

Each and every 16 Hoops client--including Casey, Jen & Jillian above--always starts with our RoadMapping.

What happens after that is...well...part of each photographer's unique journey!