Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need 16 Hoops? Can't I just hire any design firm?

We are the one of a small handful of design and marketing firms that specialize in helping photographers take their business to next level. We don’t just talk like a strict consultant - we execute design for your business. And unlike a generalist firm, we know the photography industry inside and out and we build in market strategy for your business at every phase. The fact is, we built 16 Hoops to be different by design. There are 10,000 other firms out there that will gladly take your money if you are just needing a pair of hands. But if you want a partner to sit at the table with you and bring expert strategy to your photography business, we very much look forward to hearing from you!

Do I need to live near you?

Absolutely not! In fact our team works with clients all over the country and even world wide.  Our main office is in Portsmouth NH, but many members of our team live and work around the country. We use a combination of screen sharing video conferencing, phone and email to get and keep the project moving forward nicely.

What is the process of working with 16 Hoops like?

We have a unique and inspiring process we think you will love. It's highly collaborative, guided, and has the occasional TOUGH LOVE accountability talks where and when it's needed. Most of our work is done via video screen sharing conferencing & email. We work closely with you every step of the way. We want to make your business life transformative, fun, and productive - and that is what we think our process delivers.

How long does the website & branding project take?

The entire Brand Planning takes 9-12 weeks from start to launch. We work in a little wiggle room for people who may need extra time to make decisions. Depending on our schedule we can sometimes get started in as little as a week or two, or you can secure a spot for 6 months from now so you can plan and save. 

What kind of website will I have?

We only work with Squarespace. We decided early on that it's the most elegant and powerful platform for photographers. Each website we do starts with a Squarespace template based on your needs, and then we completely customize it for the optimal client experience of your brand. We use only native Squarespace capabilities and very rarely any custom coding.

And the next most frequently asked questions we always get about Squarespace...Isn't it for DIY? Isn't it just a template? How can it be custom? We used to think that too, that is until we worked with a true Squarespace specialist and designer. We were blown away by the capabilities.  If you see a Squarespace website that looks like a template, then they did it wrong. Most people only scratch the surface of what this powerful platform can do for your photography business. 

Do I need to do branding & website?

In a word - probably. Most photographers have either over thought, or under thought their logo and branding. If after we go through our RoadMapping and you still want to make the case to us that your current branding is just peachy-keen, we will listen. But the cost is still the same. And here is why: even though we do websites & branding, they are merely the natural outcome of the real work we do, which is to transform your business so that you are growing, working with clients you love, and being highly profitable. That is the real value of the work 16 Hoops does for you, and that is why we are different.

Can't I just tweak my existing website?

We have found that with our Business Planning & Design process it works best to start from scratch and build something new and fresh to set you off on the right foot. If you love your current site and just want a tweak, I suggest our monthly coaching service. You can ask any questions during those sessions, and we can guide you through tweaking it yourself. 

Should I start a Pinterest board the second I hire you?

We love Pinterest, and it's a great way to collaborate once the design phase begins. But, if you jump the gun and begin dreaming of your new brand before we have done the transformative RoadMapping phase...then you might set off on the wrong foot and make your job (and ours possilbly) harder. But once we begin the design phase and set you off in the right direction, then Pinterest is a great tool for mood boarding.

Who exactly will I be working with?

Geneve does the RoadMapping, brand exploration, and pricing/marketing plan with you. Wes, Ben & Joy will be doing the logo design & website building with you. All of us will help you with the website training. 

What will I be taking with me at the end?

You will receive a wooden USB with the following: the RoadMap PDF, Brand Guide PDF, Brand "assets" (logo, color palette) in vector, png, jpg, and PSD format, website training videos, and your Marketing Plan Calendar. Mostly what you will take though are the tools needed to confidently talk to your ideal client and provide a profitable and enriching experience with them.

Can you tell me more about the actual launch of the website?

Our team here will do all of this seamlessly for you. We do everything through Squarespace. You can keep your same domain name & email or we can set up new ones for you. We will also do some basic SEO set up for you and walk you through options. We have a system we have done dozens of times and works like a charm. That's another reason to hire an expert - honestly! This stuff is a pain and if it's done wrong it can be moving you away from your business goals, not toward them! You, busy photographer, have better things to do. :)

How do I book you and how do payments work?

We take a 50% retainer to secure the time block for your project. The balance is due on the day we begin the website - approx 1/2 way mark through project. Because of our signature process, we can usually get started as soon as you are ready. 


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