16 Week
Brand ReLaunch Program

Our exclusive program designed solely with dynamic pro photographers in mind. Whether you are brand new start up or renovating an existing business - this is the only program that guarantees you and your brand will be up and running at full speed toward your ideal clients and your dream business. Ditch the DIY and bring on a game changing trusted team of experts.


Module 1: Airtight Positioning

Together we unearth your unique expertise so you are no longer competing on price and can charge what you are really worth. We dive deep and strategically define exactly what you do best like no one else and seek out the best clients in your market.


Module 4: Copywriting

Words matter. Every single comma, and letter should be chatting up your ideal client and asking for their business the second they land on your page. Your images don't speak for themselves. Let our team do the heavy lifting.


Module 2: Your Signature Systems

If you want to delight every client and remove yourself from the day to day management of your business (maybe even sell it someday), you need an exclusive system.  We question everything - down to what pen you are using.  

Module 5: Website

Free yourself from endless hours of DIY and throw out everything you know about websites. Let our design experts turn your brand into a living, breathing organism that is converting clients 24/7. Done well, a website is the best salesman you have.


Module 3: Brand & Identity

A custom brand that will not only make you stand out from the crowd, but will perfectly express your expertise to your ideal client. This has almost nothing to do with a logo and everything to do with talking directly to your ideal client.


Module 6: Marketing & Launch

Let's put it all into action and set you up for a predictable, lucrative line up of clients all year round. Together we create and refine a unique and easy to implement marketing plan to get those perfect clients banging down your door.

Here is how it all works

  • We have two 16 week blocks a year - choose January or March start date
  • Pay your 1st down payment online ($5250) and sign our 2 page service agreement to lock in your time slot
  • We onboard you with our own exclusive 16 Hoops Client System and introduce you to your team
  • We create our Milestones Calendar with you and set a launch date
  • You will have 100% approval of every collaborative step along the way
  • 2nd and final payment of $5250 is due at week 8
  • Week 16 your Brand ReLaunch is complete and you are open for business!

Total Cost is $10,500

Don't worry, we are not going to turn your business into something you don't recognize or won't like. Our team will work with you and your personality, your lifestyle to create the business you have always dreamed of and deserved.

A re-boot is hard work. But that is 100% why you should do it.

Taking this leap with 16 Hoops will make you and your business stand out. Average companies don't do this hard work and they never will. You are not average, because if you were you wouldn't be reading this.

We have a plan, and we will hold you accountable. That makes all the difference.

We have a dream and a process that will work for you and your business. So much so, that if at anytime our program is not working for you, we can part ways at the end of any module and you get to take any goodies with you. No matter what, we'll send you off cheerfully and with genuine best wishes for your success.

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Ask or tell us anything you want us to know. We'd love you to paint us a picture of what the future will look like 16 weeks from now.