Marketing Survey

This will help us as we begin to build your launch or ongoing marketing plan.

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Please only CHOOSE ONE, very specific goal of this particular campaign.
A good rule of thumb is to plan on investing 10% of your yearly sales goals for this product or service on marketing. So if you want to make $100,000 with this new product or service, plan on spending $10K and so on.
What other assets, besides money, can you put toward this campaign? *
There are other ways to "invest" in your campaign besides money. Esp for start ups.
Humorous? Emotional? Enchanting? Tongue in Cheek? Earnest? Give us an idea of this particular campaign, with your ideal client and time of year in mind. If you are not sure, we can help.
Familial status, geographical location, income, age, shops they like, lifestyle, hobbies, magazines, TV shows, websites, etc.
Tell us anything else you think will help.