Your photography business is ready for a big change.

Are you?


Stop the endless tweaking, and start


You and your photography business are on the verge of something BIG.
Here are the signs:

  • You want your photography business to take a huge leap, not tiny steps. But your goals, direction & branding might be holding you back.
  • You are talented. You have huge potential. You are ready to show the world! But you don't know how to do it.
  • You know the value of your ideas and are ready to take it all to the next level with expert help.

This is where we enter...

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Strategy & Design for Photographers

We take you and your photography business where you want to go with expert strategy, goal setting, design & marketing. Transform your journey.


There are no good shortcuts.

Endlessly DIY tweaking something that is already broken won't get you where you want to go.

16 Hoops knows the way: build a better system from the start. We analyze where you are now, and find out where you want to go. Then together, we build a better system from nuts to bolts. One that will stand out. One that is built on your style & goals and most important


16 Hoops Services


Strategy & Design

Ready to transform your business? We are proud to have one of the most talented design & strategy teams around for photographers.



Not sure where to start? Grow your business with us one on your own pace. 3 month minimum.



Set off on the right foot. Affordable, actionable, and game changing plan for your photo business right now.  

You know you have BIG GOALS!

Don't let another year go by without achieving them.

Who we are and why we're different.

Here's the bottom line:
The DIY "just-buy-this-PDF-take-this-seminar-or-read-this-book" eventually crashes and burns for most imaginative photographers.

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How do we know?
Because we were spinning our DIY wheels too just a few years ago trying every new shiny "marketing seminar" out there. We knew there was a better way. We got out of own way, asked for expert help, and created 16 Hoops "The Strategic Designers for Photographers" as the DIY alternative. Together, we mine for what makes you and your work stand out, and build a powerful, engaging brand around it.

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