Welcome to Pit Stop

For website tweaks you would rather just have someone else do.

So...you just want to design a new features area, or add a small design tweak/photo, or re-arrange a list on your website. And you know you could tinker for a couple hours and maaaaaybe pull it off. OR...someone who is an expert designer could do it in 10 minutes. That's where the Pit Stop Crew comes to the rescue. It's a past client only monthly subscription service (Oh, and um, it's ridiculously cheap too. Like, a no-brainer. Really.)


Meet Your Pit Stop Designer

We will assign a designer from our team and they will get to know your site and vibe. Will also set up your Dropbox folder for assets. You will use the same video chat room assigned to you during your project.


Schedule Your Session

Email us at info@16hoops.com by any Tuesday afternoon with your tweak and we will schedule a "live" video conference Pit Stop session, usually on Thursday of the same week (subject to holidays etc).


10 Minutes Later...

You will need to be at your computer with internet connection and use a CHROME browser. Click to enter, and watch your designer work magic in 10 minutes while you sit back sipping a cup of joe.

Pit Stop is not just for website tweaks.
It's also great for just asking strategic questions & ordering up custom video tutorials too.

All for $25 bucks a month. And you can cancel or sign up anytime.

10 minutes a week not enough? Do you have a bigger project?
Contact us about our hourly design sessions. Available to past clients only.