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Jen Dean Photography  |  Brand Story

Working with Jen on this project was like watching a hopeful bud full of potential and promise of the things to come...blossom into a beautiful, fully formed entity ready to take on the world.

She was one of our very first clients here at Hoops and in part, working with her set us on the journey we are still on today. She hired 16 Hoops back in January 2015 for what was to eventually become our Signature 16 Week Program. 

  • Positioning & Branding: From generalist to Dream Sessions Studio expert
  • Visual Identity: full identity, logo, biz cards, thank you cards, gift certificate, email blast design, new pricing PDF, rubber stamp for packaging
  • Copywriting: Dream Sessions concept & design
  • Systems: New pricing structure, client intake & journey
  • Website: Ground up new design with 6 pages
  • Marketing: 60 second film about Dream Sessions

I really can't say it any more elegantly than what Jen said below.  

When I first met with Geneve (who just re-did the website) about making some changes I don’t really think I quite knew the journey I was about to take. I think those can be the best kinds of travels. I knew I wanted to make changes. To move forward. I knew that my work was changing and shifting and I wanted feedback and a mentor. I think Geneve saw an opportunity to give me something amazing. She knew what she could do for me long before I saw it.

So started the process of learning about what my brand was really, what I do in connecting to others, and how I want to share my heart. It’s so scary to put yourself out there. As an artist you feel like your heart is always outside of you. I feel so passionate about what I do, but I think my website has always just been a slideshow of portraits....because that is what we photographers know how to design.

When I first saw the new website I was teary. I had this emotional reaction to my own portraits. Geneve had pulled my own words and thoughts and created this amazing emotional place. I feel like finally my work is presented to you in the way it always should have been. Not to say that this site won’t change. I believe it will be in a constant state of flux and growth. And that is wonderful. But I am so proud of what I am sharing. I think that is how you should always feel about your work, but I cannot begin to express what a difference it made for me to hire someone else to do it.

The process has been both directed and organic. They truly listened to what I wanted. They designed around my dreams, portraits and words - not their own. What I have now is an extension of myself.

I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me next.
— Jen Dean

There is no more powerful marketing piece than a short film about your process. But don't just hire anyone to do this. Be sure the filmmaker is asking the right questions, and telling the right story. Jen's studio and her artistry really come across in a magical way in this short enchanting film. We showed a glimpse of her unique process and how she creates a world for her Dream Sessions, but still stays approachable and fun. What little girl wouldn't want to do one of these?

We created a beautiful new responsive website to take the client on a journey into her Dream Sessions.

We questioned every square inch of Jen's old generalist site and stripped it all away until it was just Jen and her client having a deep conversation. You only have a few seconds to connect with your ideal client - why appeal to everyone, when you can just appeal to that perfect viewer. This allows you to continue and nurture the work you love, and it allows to command higher and higher premiums as you weed out the bad clients, and welcome in the great ones.



Email Newsletter/Blast Design

Email Newsletter/Blast Design

Thank You Card Set

Thank You Card Set

Jen Dean card
Full Pricing Menu PDF Re-Design for Print or Web

Full Pricing Menu PDF Re-Design for Print or Web

It's always fun to capture artists for their own brand. You have to open up and trust the process - and Jen let us in to her world.