Lumina Little Stars

Lumina Little Stars  |  Brand Story

Kelli from Lumina NH & Lumina Little Stars has been a long time client of mine - and now that 16 Hoops is officially up and running, nothing has changed! We are always talking shop and trying to crack the photography business nut together.

Kelli wanted to explore a side brand of her main photography business. She is passionate about motherhood & babies, having 2 spunky kids of her own, she knows how fleeting childhood can be. She came up with a new concept called Lumina Little Stars. 

I really liked how laser focused it was. No one looking for corporate head shots or high school senior portraits is going to wander on this site by accident, so it was a match made in positioning heaven for 16 Hoops. 

Services for Lumina Little Stars Included:

  • Positioning & Branding
  • Naming
  • Visual Identity: Logo, patterns, palettes, typography, Watermark, Website Badge
  • One Page Scrolling Responsive Website with custom buttons & icons
  • Custom PDFs
  • Photography Image Set - Albums