Wendy Freedman

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Wendy Freedman Photography  |  Brand Story

Wendy has a really interesting take on the photography world. She is not only a talented photographer, but her secret weapon is her fashion and clothing styling. She has merged the two into a unique and fresh concept for her business. Basically - she has ingredients we love to put together here at 16 Hoops!

We couldn't wait to show off her snappy brand identity.  However, Wendy has done her business transformation over a few months, so we are tackling phase 2 - her website next - so stay tuned.

Full Branding Services for Wendy Freedman Included:

  • Positioning & Branding
  • Photography Image Set for Brand & Website
  • Visual Identity: Logo, Secondary mark, patterns, visual concepts, Palette, Typography, Business Cards, Social Media Templates
  • 3 Page Website Design (coming soon)
It’s really exciting to see what was my random business elements and ideas take shape into something that is so cohesively “me.” The little camera bowties alone that Jen & Geneve created I want to hang up on my wall! I can’t wait to show this off to the world!
— Wendy Freedman