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Kelli at Lumina was patient zero way back in 2011 with my Lumina brand expansion. She and I hatched the whole Lumina brand extension together over many months. That whole experience, and the two Lumina concepts that cropped up after (Lumina by Marina & Lumina Boston) were the seed for 16 Hoops. I knew I didn't want to continue to license the Lumina brand (for many reasons), and instead I took everything we created to launch the three Lumina brands and re-packaged them up into the 16 week program for all 16 Hoops clients. 

Hoops helped Kelli conceive (haha - no pun intended) her Lumina Little Stars brand for new parents and their newborns. We helped her with the naming, copywriting, branding, and a one page build.

Once that project was almost wrapped up, Kelli decided she wanted to re-do her entire Lumina website and we were thrilled to carry on her Lumina brand to next level. She wanted to re-position from a generalist business to a more focused "family" portraits experience. She also has learned in her 5 years of shooting professionally that the heirloom legacy aspect, or as she calls it "get those images off your computer and into your hands," of her portrait business was one of the most important aspects of the new brand.

She worked with our branding & website team to create the newly launched Lumina Portraits. It has been such a kick to watch Kelli grow her brand into something with such deep meaning for her and her clients. We can't wait to see where she goes next.

Full Branding Services for Lumina NH Included:

  • Visual Identity: New logo, patterns, palette, typography, watermark & social media headers/icons
  • Full Website Design
  • Copy Editing
  • Launch
  • Marketing Refresher & Basic SEO
We designed a responsive, mobile friendly new website for Lumina Portraits.

Kelli decided to position deeper into family portraits, so she started to shed that generalist "one size fits all" website and took the brave dive into more specialized territory.

She also built a new rich brand experience that not only reflects the way she thinks about family photography (fun yet elegant and timeless), but also enchants her ideal client to enter the Lumina Portrait world.

She decided to look away from what from other photographers are doing, she avoided trends, and emerged with a totally unique, clean, yet elegant identity that can only reflect her style.

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