Sweet Light Portraits


Sweet Light Portraits  |  Brand Story

Sweet Light Portraits is the light and breezy portrait brand offshoot of Casey Durgin Photography. Casey wanted to completely differentiate her portrait brand from her strong and well known Maine USA weddings brand. She also wanted to streamline her portrait voice, direction, and offerings into a one cohesive brand that spoke to her local family clientele. Casey did our Full 16 Week RE-BOOT Program. She also added on the Social Media Bundle & Marketing. 

Services for Sweet Light Portraits Included:

  • Positioning
  • Copywriting & Editing
  • Visual Identity: Logo, Patterns, Typography, Icons, Secondary marks, Biz Card, Gold Foil PDFs, Watermarks
  • Social Media Design & Marketing Bundle
  • Full Website Design & Launch
  • Social Media Marketing Launch
  • Photography Image Set/Session for Website & Marketing
The branding & website for Sweet Light blew me away. I seriously cannot believe how Geneve and the design team at 16 Hoops were able to take my ideas about family, motherhood, all my favorite colors and ideas and turn them into this expression of my work. I’m thrilled!
— Casey at Sweet Light
Sweet Light Portraits Website

We solved the problem of a generalist client experience with Casey's new website. We created a client journey that leads to meaningful connection and engagement.

Sweet Light Portraits  |  Full Branding & Identity

All the elements for Casey's new brand were hiding in plain site! She loves aqua blues and wanted an airy, sweet, light look to connect with stylish mom's and kids.

We did a fun shoot at the beach with her beautiful family to use a Photography Image Set for her brand and website.

Social Media Bundle

Casey upgraded to the full Social Media Bundle Set to weave her brand experience throughout website and all social media channels.