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Are you a turtle or a cheetah?

Either way, we can help


16 Hoops Products

Want a little more than a weekly email, but not a full program yet? Check out our services below.

Brand Flyby - $199

This is for someone who wants to dip their toes into the world of custom branding & consulting. Possible topics:

  • Is your brand working?
  • Are you interested in a re-brand, but not sure of the benefits?
  • Does your logo, copy, website, and online presence match your target audience?
  • Does your brand pass the 16 Hoops exclusive test?
  • What actions can you take?

A 30 minute private session on Tuesday mornings with a one page written bullet point analysis. I only do 4 of of these a week - first come, first serve. Gain some expert insight into your brand and start to make some real changes to your photography after this session.

Marketing Boost Session - $499

This is for someone who is ready to launch into action plan with a custom marketing roadmap. Possible topics:

  • Want a plan to “fill in the income gaps” in a slow time of year?
  • Want custom campaign ideas with actionable marketing plan?
  • Are you guessing and fumbling with your brand and marketing?
  • Curious how to fully unleash the power of social media ads?
  • See below for Social Media Design + Marketing bundle

We will go over your particular challenges and strategize a plan in this 90 minute 1-on-1 private strategy workshop. No generic advice here. You will receive a customized actionable marketing plan outlined in a 1-2 page PDF + 3 months of follow up and accountability.

Private Coaching - $899

This is highly customized advice & support for someone who wants to explore a career change who may feel a little stuck. Custom made for those who like to explore all the options. Possible topics:

  • Are you tired of being a generalist and want to explore your market for a lucrative niche?
  • Are you considering a career shift or a re-brand but are not sure where to start?
  • Is your business feast of famine and you want more reliable, year round income?
  • Do you only want to shoot what you love?
  • Are you lost with your marketing?
  • Do you want more premium paying dream clients?
  • Do you to slowly change your business that builds weekly with actionable exercises ?

Starts with 90 minute in depth session, then we meet once a week for 60 minutes for a month or more. Each week we review progress, strategize on next best steps, and build toward options and action plans. This coaching is for the person that wants to explore all the possibilities of their talents, market, and career options. You may continue monthly, or sign up intermittently. The biggest breakthroughs happen when you commit to at least 3 calendar months a year.

Private Roadmapping - $1500

This is for someone who is seriously considering our 16 week Program or needs expert actionable advice right NOW. Custom made for action oriented cheetahs. Possible topics:

  • You know you want a re-brand or stronger positioning, but want to see all the options first
  • You want to expand, sell, or franchise your business some day
  • You want to start a photography business that is profitable and set up to give you a full time income from day one
  • You are switching your career to photography from another highly lucrative market
  • You want to double your income within 12 months without sacrificing lifestyle
  • You know your market has untapped potentials, you want to find and claim them

Over 3 weeks I evaluate where your brand stands now, and offer up concrete action plan of where exactly you can take it. Includes 90 minute kick off session + 2 - 60 minute weekly sessions. Culminates in a 2-3 page action road map. You can take this new plan into action on your own, or if you decide to move forward with the 16 Hoops, the entire $1500 is rolled into any services over $3500. Either way, you will have direction and a game changing career move in your hands.

Social Media Design + Marketing  - $1250

Are you struggling with social media and marketing in general? We take your existing brand and design targeted social media editable layered PSDs (photoshop documents) and then zero in your best marketing plan.

Marketing Strategy & Design Bundle - $1250

The Marketing Bundle includes our popular 1 hour Marketing Boost session with a written marketing road map plan for your business + designs you will need for the plan.

Contact us to book your slot and be up and running with a brand new social media campaign & look that is all your own. 

My promise to you - if at any time in the first 14 days you are feeling like the brand strategy, private coaching, or roadmapping are not for you, just request a refund and I’ll send your money back. No questions asked.


About Geneve

Over the last 14 years, I’ve built three successful photography businesses and helped many togs and small creative businesses launch full, robust brands of their own. I’ve re-formulated my concepts into the 16 Hoops Program and here into bite-sized, actionable advice that photographers like you can start using today.

Still have questions? I’d love to hear from you:

Availability is Limited

I am only available for a few sessions a week. Scheduling is “first come, first served” so the sooner you book your sessions, the sooner we can begin taking your photography business to the next level.

One of our mantras here at hoops is "The time to re-brand and re-build was 12 months ago." So don't let another week or month or year go by to start maximizing profit and having the business of your dreams.


What Others Are Saying


"16 Hoops turned my hodge-podge of confusing brands into one badass cohesive brand that I am so proud to show off now. They targeted my ideal client before I even knew I had one." 

– Wendy Freedman, Wendy Freedman Design

"I don’t think there was ever a suggestion 16 Hoops offered that I didn’t absolutely love. They are a big part of where my brand is today."

– Molly McPherson, Social Shift Media

"When I first met with Geneve (who just re-did the website) about making some changes I don't really think I quite knew the journey I was about to take. I think those can be the best kinds of travels." 

– Jen Dean, Dream Sessions