Give us 16 Weeks

And we'll change your career path forever.

Our exclusive 16 week service is designed for pro photographers, part-timers who want to make the leap to full time, or creative entrepreneurs who want to do what they love while setting their brand miles apart with expert help.

The 16 Hoops Program is for you if...

  • You have lots of ideas and just need to tie it all cohesively together
  • You want to "RE-BOOT" your career. You are an expert in another field making a switch to photography.
  • Your year is feast or famine and you want a steady, predictable line up of ideal clients
  • You want a streamlined, flagship business you can sell or retire with someday
  • You don't want to waste another year on DIY mixed bag results
  • You know the value of your business and are ready to invest to make it happen


Whether you are brand new start up or renovating an existing business - this is the only program that guarantees you and your brand will be up and running at full speed toward ideal clients and your dream business in 16 weeks. Ditch the years of DIY and bring on a game changing trusted team of experts.

Program Details

Every new 16 Week Business Re-Boot client does our Roadmapping first. Check out details HERE.


Block 1: Airtight Positioning

We dive deep and strategically define exactly what you do love to do best like no one else. Own your market niche.


Block 2: Your Signature Systems

Streamline your system and delight every client. We question everything - down to what pen you are using.  


Block 3: Brand & Identity

A custom visual brand that sets you apart and perfectlly express your expertise. This is way beyond a logo.


Block 4: Copywriting

Learn more about the art of writing copy to convert clients.. Your images don't speak for themselves. 

Block 5: Website

When done well, a website is converting ideal clients 24/7. Turn a casual visitor into a raving fan.


Block 6: Marketing & Launch

Create an actionable marketing plan that gets a steady line perfect clients banging down your door.


And since we get asked a lot...YES! You can do the $1500 Roadmapping Session first with no obligation and upgrade to the 16 Week Program or any other services we offer. The entire Roadmapping fee gets rolled into any fees over $3500. Check it out HERE.


Our team will work with directly with your personality and your lifestyle to create the business you have always dreamed of and deserve.

A re-boot is hard work. But that is 100% why you should do it.

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