Project Wrap Up Checklist


Congratulations! You are the pilot now.
Before we bid you safe passage, let's do a systems check.

It's just as important to end a project well, as it is to begin it.

This "exit interview" will give us valuable insight into the strengths & weaknesses of our services from the client perspective.  It's also a chance to officially "wrap" the project on both ends. We want to make sure you have everything you need before you start flying solo.


Today's Date
Today's Date
What did 16 Hoops do for you?
Please check all that apply.
Brand assets are "deliverables" like final videos, photos, logo files, PSDs, style guides etc.
This is you, signing off! *
Please check here if this project is done, and you are officially signing off and sailing into the sunset. (PS - we are waving madly from the shores!!)