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Brand "Reality Check" List

Ready for a taste of what it's like to work with a full service expert design & strategy firm? Take our Brand REALITY CHECK List quiz. It's a little tongue and cheek, kick in the pants style primer. Have fun with it and give your own photography business gut check.

A small sampling of what we will cover...

  • What is your level of expertise and how do you know?
  • What is state of your current branding?
  • Is your current website converting viewers into clients 24/7, or just sitting pretty?
  • Does your portfolio speak for itself? (, no)
  • How can you have a predictable line up of clients year round?

Sound interesting? 


Instagram Marketing for Photographers

Not sure where to start or make biggest impact with your online or social media marketing? 

While Instagram feels natural to most photographers that are aware of the importance social media has on their business, it goes without saying that growing your business with Instagram isn’t easy as pie.

The competition is fierce. Everyone wants to be noticed, and they’re willing to go great lengths to achieve that.

So how can you stay on the top of your game? How can you get in front of more people and grow your audience? Check our exclusive 16 Hoops guide to Instagram Marketing for Photographers.


Facebook Content Marketing Checklist for Photographers

Yes, we do like checklists here at Hoops! Here is another one we think you find right up your alley.

So what even is "content marketing?" Simple - it's the human, organic, thoughtful content you create for your target audience (as opposed to non-organic spammy bot marketing).

Do you find your own business Facebook feed is full of mindless wandering and random posts? This checklist will start to get you thinking about strategies for creating more engaging and purposeful content that will not only draw in your ideal client, but keep 'em coming back for more.


Video Resources


Squarespace SEO Best Blogging Practices for Photographers

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Setting Up Your Squarespace Website for Best SEO - For Photographers

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