RoadMapping Kick Off Survey

This will help us as we begin the journey on your business roadmap.
Please only answer what you want to share & discuss. The more honest & candid, the more pinpointed our mapping will be. All information is 100% confidential.

Name *
In case we have a video technology failure of any kind.
e.g., businesses, non-profits, private sector, a specific industry, etc
How do you typically land a client?
A good rule of thumb is to plan on investing 10% of your yearly sales goals or income revenue increase. So if you want to make an additional $100,000 with your product or service, plan on spending $10K and so on. It's ok if you don't know either.
How often do you have a client first contact you who is completely ready to hire with proper budget in hand?
(Put another way - how long is your sales cycle from first contact to hiring at full price?)
What best describes your current marketing approach:
What other assets, besides money, can you put into marketing in general?
There are other ways to "invest" in your marketing besides money. Esp for start ups.
Meaning, once this roadmap is complete and you have the steps in hand, how much time will you actually be able to devote on growing it/reaching next step? IN ADDITION to your usual client duties?
Humorous? Emotional? Enchanting? Tongue in Cheek? Earnest? Give us an idea, with your ideal client goals in mind. If you are not sure, we can help.
Tell us anything else you think will help.