16 Hoops works exclusively with photographers who are ready to level up their businesses. 



Anyone can just answer the phone and let whoever is on the other side define the work. Claim your market with a digital & inbound plan that gets those perfect clients banging down your door.



A brand that perfectly expresses your expertise to your ideal client. This has almost nothing to do with a logo and everything to do with talking directly to your ideal client.



Be a specialist. Expertise is the DNA of any great business. It's hard to find, it's uniquely you, and it's impossible to duplicate. Specialists don’t get bored. They get better.



Signature Systems

If you want to delight every client and remove yourself from the day to day management of your business (maybe even sell it someday), you need a system.  We question everything - down to what pen you are using. 



Words matter. Every single comma, and letter should be chatting up your ideal client and asking for their business the second they land on your page. Your images don't speak for themselves. 



Your website is a living, breathing organism, and it's the best salesperson on your team. Done well, a website is like a magic funnel leading to your ideal client. Free yourself from templates and DIY.