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Ditch the DIY, and transform your photography business with expert strategy, branding & design


For pro photographers who want to stand out.


Signature LAUNCH Service

Go from zero to launch in 16 weeks. A complete photography business transformation.


Branding & Website Service

A full brand re-design. Streamline your photography business visually top to bottom.


One on One

Adapt and grow your business while differentiating from your competitors.



An expert, customized, game changing plan for your photo business right now.  

Who we are and why we're different.

Here's the bottom line:
The DIY "just-buy-this-PDF-take-this-seminar-or-read-this-book" eventually crashes and burns for most photographers.

How do we know?
Because that was us just a few years ago. We knew there was a better way. We created 16 Hoops "The Strategic Designers for Photographers" as the DIY alternative. Together, we re-boot, re-brand and transform your business.

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Turn your photography business into the one you deserve, instead of the one you work for.


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