Meet Geneve


Geneve  |  Ringleader

Favorite Movie is The Big Lebowski. Always on her bookshelf: The Art of Possibility & Simple Abundance. Favorite quote about the design process is by Blair Enns "Purposeful creative destruction = evolution."

She'd rather be skipping around the rocky crags of Scotland with hiking boots and camera in hand. But in the meantime, she hopes to meet you someday and make you the perfect cup of sencha japanese green tea...and quietly help you transform your photography business

Meet Our Design Partner

Ben + Joy
Partner Web Design Company

Ben, Wes, and Joy care about helping people succeed in doing what they love.

With their streamlined design process, they can get an awesome website up and running in as little as one day.

On the weekends they can be found hiking, kayaking, and making the occasional trip to Disney World.