We are a full-service strategic design firm for photographers.


The DIY "just-buy-this-PDF-take-this-seminar-or-read-this-book" eventually crashes and burns for most photographers.

How do we know? Because we wasted years with DIY.

We knew there was a better way. We created 16 Hoops "The Strategic Designers for Photographers" as the DIY alternative. We make things with you, and bake accountability right in.

Together, we re-boot, re-brand and transform your business so you are doing what you love, no longer competing on price, and have a steady pipeline of ideal, high paying clients.


The 16 Hoops Team


Geneve  |  Ringleader

Favorite Movie is The Big Lebowski. Always on her bookshelf: The Art of Possibility & Simple Abundance. Favorite quote about the design process is by Blair Enns "Purposeful creative destruction = evolution."

She'd rather be skipping around the rocky crags of Scotland with hiking boots and camera in hand. But in the meantime, she hopes to meet you someday and make you the perfect cup of sencha japanese green tea...and quietly help you transform your photography business.


Jen  |  Graphic Designer

She grew up with the creative process and it makes her deeply happy - her mother was an art teacher, so it's in her own DNA. 

She loves the early "blank canvas" stages of design with a client because that is when the unexpected ideas bubble up.

When she's not designing or painting, she hangs out with her boys, hikes very off trail, and makes botanical perfume and soap. She also has a kombucha SCOBY the size of a dinner plate living in a mason jar on her kitchen counter.


Mary  |  Graphic Designer

Self professed metalworking, enameling, photography, and watercolor dabbler.

On the process of design & collaboration with others: "As much as I like when the various elements begin to suddenly jump off the page, what is the most exciting is the collaboration. It's fun to delve into a project with a client and watch it morph as ideas are exchanged and design begins to take shape."

She enjoys Aeropress coffee & zipping from coast to coast spending time with her growing family.


Brian  |  Web Developer

Self proclaimed lover of all things internet and computers (oh, and his wife and dog). Favorite quote "the reward of our work is not what we get, but we become."

He enjoys being able to bring our client's vision off the page and onto the screen in a visually useful and interesting way.

When he is not being mistaken as Tom Cruise, he is learning and hoping to someday show off his salsa dance moves.


Nicole  |  Office Manager

Emerging photographer and media maven. Foodie, nature lover, black and white photographer. Currently studying the works of Renaissance artists and making photo essays about local communities.

Tallest person at 16 hoops by a few good inches and will be helping you navigate the day to day collaboration with us. Otherwise, you will find her listening to live music and enjoying the good life with friends and family.


Steff  |  Multi-Media Production

Multi-media filmmaker & editor. Admires German filmmaker Fritz Lang who inpsired her to pursue a film degree by his ability to think and work big. Also admires Monty Python for the unabashed playfulness of their work and John Steinbeck for the skill which he writes about people.

Steff's backup careers could be an exotic bird breeder, mystery novelist or craft beer brewer.


Erik  |  Web Developer

Our official coffee drinking, watermelon eating, bicycle riding, creator of neat things.

As a developer, Erik enjoys the endless opportunities to build things and problem solve. He applies this to every client project, and to his house re-modeling side gig. PS - those guys on TV make it look way too easy!

Favorite quote is by E.B. White (a famous Mainer!) - "I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world."


Lianna  |  Copywriter

Conversion copywriter, sketch comedian, and improviser from New Orleans, LA. Secretly afraid her friends only come over because they want to hang out with her cat, which is fine too (he's a great cat).

She likes malbec, old-school sci-fi novels, and well-researched landing pages. 

Recently, Lianna has been thinking seriously about building a tiny house on wheels, but is afraid to turn into a one-dimensional, kale-eating caricature of a person, so she's holding off for the moment.

She should probably be exercising right now.