Couldn't I just do my own website??

I got this question from a client recently and we both agreed it would make an interesting quickie article. So here goes verbatim.

After viewing a recent website build we did, that looked deceptively simple and elegant, she asked:

“Couldn’t I just go and do this website by myself?"

Here is the answer I gave:

"It’s the same as someone who says to you, talented photographer:

“Couldn’t I just take my own photos of my kids? I mean, I have an iPhone?”

Could you well meaning photographer technically get a squarespace template and spend 100’s of hours DIYing yourself to something 1/2 way decent? 


And could you well meaning mom shoot hundreds of photos of your kids and get one that is frame worthy (that you won’t be in, by the way)? 


But, if you hire a branding expert they will know:

  • how and where to place headlines and calls to actions
  • where to place compelling imagery for maximum impact
  • how to weave your story in a way that delightfully leads the client to contacting you
  • how to do all this while you get to enjoy the work you love

Then you are 100% guaranteed a great website and brand that is landing you business 24/7.

And by the same token, if you hire an expert family photographer they will know:

  • how to pose everyone for most flattering and memorable outcome
  • how to find or create the best light
  • how to tell your story with you in it
  • how to capture those unseen moments
  • how to turn it all into a once in a lifetime album that you will have forever

Then you are 100% guaranteed to have a treasured heirloom."

So next time you hear yourself answering this question for your own customers, think about how this advice scales to your own business as well.