Why are creative professionals afraid of deep expertise in one thing? Podcast interview with 16 Hoops by Matt Hanna

Matt Hanna of Thought Mixing Bowl is one of those original thinkers in the creative world that is putting his money where his mouth is. He is not just talking about making change, but actually creating change. His latest project is a compact yet engaging podcast called One Question. I, Geneve Hoffman, had the honor of being featured with my one question.

I bet you can sort of guess what my one question might be about, especially if you have been hanging around the positioning area of our articles section. Turns out, I'm kinda single minded (in a good way).

My One Question Podcast interview by Matt Hanna

SO head on over and take a listen.

Check out some of the other questions too - another question that caught my attention was the one with a graphic designer named Kathleen Murray whose question is "How do you shake creative guilt?"